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Our Story

The idea to build a platform where users can find and order directly their ideal plan within 5 minutes has been established when I decided to change my mobile and internet plan after being with the same provider for many years and thus overpaying it.

The process to compare offers of the many plans available on the market, to contact the providers and to subscribe for the plan, printing and scanning the contract and my ID has taken two days. At this moment we started the Idea of creating the “booking.com for mobile, internet and TV services”

Meet our Management

Walter Salchli
Walter Salchli CEO

Before founding alao AG, I worked for Sunrise (YOL) and UPC. I was responsible for the plans and prices of mobile and internet services. With alao AG, we want to ensure that everyone in Germany can find and order their desired contract in less than 5 minutes.

Alexander Degtiarev
Alexander Degtiarev Head of Technology

Before working full-time for alao AG, I worked as a senior engineer at the telecommunications company VEON, where I focused on process automation and efficiency. Together with the alao team, I am now working on making the finding and ordering of a mobile, Internet and TV plan as easy as ordering a pizza.

Tino Köhler
Tino Köhler Head of Growth

My passion is to build and grow great products, that help people in their everyday life. That’s why I joined alao in order to find the best deals available and make them accessible to everyone while creating a convenient and simple shopping experience.

Karim Mohr
Karim Mohr COO/CFO

After collecting some consulting experience at EY, followed by 8 years in the treasury department of a big corporate, I decided to focus on helping start-ups to grow their finance and operations' teams. Together with the entire alao customer support team, we are on the mission to delight our customers with the best possible service and purchasing experience in the German telco market

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Open expression & community

We are an open platform where you can see the ratings of service providers and comments from other users. On the other hand, you can rate your internet or mobile service provider and help the community to better understand the service experience your telecommunications company provided to you

Our vision

alao revolutionizes the way users find and order plans in Germany: stress-free and at the click of a button – customer can save time and money. Anytime and from anywhere.

Contact details

  • Name and address: alao Deutschland GmbH
    Heinrichstraße 155
    40239 Düsseldorf
  • CEO: Walter Salchli
  • Contact Information: Telephone: 0211 418 72727
    Email: support@alao.de
  • Company registration data: UID: CHE-488.569.169